Surf Holidays

Seafield Holiday Park is located within a 5 minute walk of Westward Ho! beach. A beautiful sandy, Blue Flag beach known for its beauty, waves and surfing!

Due to the geology of the area here is a surprising variety found in the waves here! From a-frame peaks found, rocky reefs, point-breaks and even river mouths, this area will appeal to surfers on all levels. The tides here affect the breaks due to their size, so have some options lined up for different breaks during your surf holiday in Devon.

It’s surfing in England so don’t expect too much with the weather! Over half the days of the year are overcast with the weather in Devon and Cornwall changing in the blink of an eye. Luckily for Devon and Cornwall the Gulf Stream runs up past the counties making the water a lot warmer than the rest of the UK therefore you may even get some great longboard waves in 26°C sunshine!

Surf Information

3/2 is perfect for the summer months with water reaching 19°C in the height of the summer, and after a long flat spell the water can get even warmer.  You may even be able to go for a surf in a shorty or long john.

Winter sees the water temperature drop to 10°C meaning a 5/4, gloves, boots and even a hood for those extra windy days are essential. Especially when a chilly NE wind blows. Be prepared to wear a winter suit for at least 6 months of the year.

The East Coast is a lot colder with water temperatures dipping to 5-7°C in winter. You will be looking to wear a 6/5/4 with 5mm gloves, boots and hood. With its geology the NE weather can get extremely cold in winter when the best swells come in. Don’t be surprised to trudge through a sprinkling of snow on your way to the line up!” –

Stay with us!

We offer a wide range of accommodation from 2 bedroom caravans/villas to 4 bedroom villas. Most of our units benefit from a wonderful sea view and their own private veranda. We can provide short breaks and longer breaks!